General partner of the FOR ARCH 2013 Trade Fair, the New Green Light to Savings 2013 scheme

The general partner of the FOR ARCH 2013 Trade Fair, the New Green Light to Savings 2013 scheme of the Ministry of the Environment and of the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic, offers subsidies to all who want to improve energy performance of their family house, to use energy sources more effectively or to build a new family house with a very good energy performance. Come and see the FOR ARCH 2013 Trade Fair on 17-20 September, where you can find not only possible suppliers of suitable products and technologies, but also a consultancy centre of the New Green Light to Savings 2013 scheme.   (23.8.2013)   read more >>

A matchmaking event with companies from the building and engineering sector

Are you an entrepreneur in the building or machinery sector? Are you looking for new business partners from the Czech Republic? Take advantage of bilateral meetings with German and Czech entrepreneurs and SMEs, organized by Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) at the Centre for Regional Development of the CR and its partners Handwerkskammer Dresden and Handwerk International Baden-Württemberg.
Interested parties will have an opportunity to effectively negotiate with key counterparts (new clients, business and manufacturing partners) in the right place (the trade fair FOR ARCH). Additionally, they will be provided with information concerning employee deployment and processing building and engineering orders within the EU.
The bilateral meetings will take place on September 19, 2013 at the trade fair FOR ARCH.   (8.8.2013)   read more >>

Warning against fraudulent practices of EXPO Guide

Unfortunately, also this year it is possible to register fraudulent practices of various firms offering a possibility of publishing corporate data in the EXPO Guide catalogue, currently under the header of the Mexico-based company Expo-Guide. They present themselves as "the largest web list of trade fairs and exhibitors", as a "powerful medium for acquiring new customers, finding business partners or trade fair research". We hereby warn our customers and partners about the danger of material damage which is associated with a similar offer, and we ask them to pay appropriate attention, before signing an application form, to its contents and especially to the contractual terms and conditions which are intentionally compiled in such a manner that it can be possible to overlook them if read without increased attention, and to properly consider whether they really wish provision of such service or not. ABF, a.s. does not have anything in common with the above described practices. We recommend you to study the characterization on   (6.6.2013)   read more >>

Heat pumps are the main theme of FOR THERM 2013

Trade Fair FOR THERM during previous years recorded an increasing interest in heat pumps suitable not only for family houses but also for residential buildings. Heat pumps are among the most promising sources of energy for heating and hot water. Trade Fair FOR THERM 2012 introduced the largest showcase of heat pumps in the country. During the preparation of FOR ARCH and FOR THERM 2013 the main theme emerged from discussions with professional partners and guarantors intention to emphasize the theme of the heat pumps in the accompanying program and provide the professional and general public an opportunity to look at the issue in more details. The accompanying program can also benefit from the fact that between the exhibitors there will be most manufacturers and sellers of heat pumps in the Czech Republic. The lectures and seminars attendance can be easily complemented by seeing the latest types of heat pumps available in the Czech Republic. For more information on the accompanying program, check our website.   (21.2.2013)   read more >>

New simultaneously held Trade Fair VKV – HVAC PROFI FAIR 2013

Simultaneously with Prague electrotechnical trade fairs there will be held the International trade fair for Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning, Cooling, Measurement, Regulation and Energy efficiency. It will take place at PVA Expo Prague in November 19-22, 2013; thus one day longer as usual. The VKV – HVAC Profi Fair Prague is focused on professionals – architects, designers, dealers, representatives of assembly and installation companies, and the educated non-professional community attracted by the contents and nature of the event. The organizer and promoter of the fair Progres Partners Advertising has twenty years of experience in organizing HVAC events. The VKV – HVAC Profi Fair Prague has the support of major unions and associations - Society of Environmental Engineering, Czech Federation of Technical Contractors for Building Industry and Czech Chamber of Commerce.   (25.1.2013)   read more >>

Feast for lovers of wood - FOR WOOD - trade fair of wooden building

7th year of wooden building trade fair is comming up soon. Main topic this year are massive wooden buildings – log houses, bungalows and layered massive wood (CLT). All this can be seen at renovated exhibition grounds of PVA EXPO PRAHA in Letnany in the term of February 8 – 11, 2012. We would like to invite you to a meeting and debate with professionals from the field of wooden building at FOR WOOD trade fair 2012. If you register you will receive a discounted ticket for 50 CZK.   (21.1.2012)   read more >>

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